A week of good eats 6: ADOBO

Adobo (uh-DOUGH-bo) is THE quintessential Filipino food. You will encounter it a lot in various forms. Good thing it’s so yummy.

Essentially, the sauce is made from vinegar, soy, bay leaves, peppercorns, and garlic. Add meat and/or veg, and you have yourself a tasty ulam (topping for rice). Go crazy and do meat AND veg, you wild child. (Chicken and potato is my personal fave.)

Some areas make is drier than others, allowing the sauce to absorb into the food or simmer away to there’s basically no sauce left, or leaving it almost like a soup. I love it a little soupy, because it makes the rice taste so yummy. Beware the whole peppercorns, though. They can really ratchet up the heat if you crunch down on one!

Chicken Adobo recipe from Food Network

Food Network??

Absolutely, Food Network. Search the site for Filipino and you’ll come up with lots of other yummy recipes with reviews and comments, including show episodes that focused on Filipino foods. Check it out!


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