A week of good eats 3: Tinola

Remember Mazola cooking oil? When I was a kid, my oldest brother used to walk around the house saying Muh-ZO-laaaaaa to make us laugh. I don’t know why. It’s completely asinine. But it worked; we’d all laugh our heads off.

Now, on the days we have Tinola (tin-OH-la), I walk around saying Tin-OH-laaaaaaa, and my kids have no idea why. I laugh; they are confused.
Good times… good times…

You know how chicken soup is good for you when you are sick with a cold? And ginger? And things that clear the sinuses like garlic and onions? And extra nutrients from green veggies?

Well, that’s tinola. It is the best food on rainy days and sick days and day-days.

This site has the recipe we use. (Though, of course, we leave out the fish sauce. I really, really don’t like fish…) Next time you have a sniffle coming on, make yourself a pot of this and if it doesn’t blast you back to health, at least you’ll have had a tasty bowl of soup.

Tinolang Manok from PinoyCookingRecipes.com

Make sure you find a GREEN papaya, meaning NOT RIPE. If you cut open your papaya and the flesh isn’t green, then it’s not suitable for this recipe. Make yourself a fruit salad and try again.
You can substitute spinach for the pepper leaves, but really try to find some pepper leaves if you can. Pepper leaves are just the leaves from a pepper plant, so you may have some in your garden. (Who knew they were edible?)

Remember to click around and try some of their other recipes!


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