Get off my lawn! Err… my hallway!

I was at the mall today with the kids, and looked over to see a small group, maybe 6 or 8, of young adults practicing a dance in front of a store that was closed for renovations. I don’t know why. Is it for an upcoming Christmas party? A birthday thing? School? Just for the heck of it? They just needed a space to practice, I guess, and since that store was closed, it was a place that no one needed to pass through.

It was still a public area, though, and people did have to move around them. They weren’t blocking a store, but they were in the way.

No one was mad. No one was annoyed or telling them to pack it in and move on. Everyone was cool about it.

That’s why I like it here. Well, it’s one of the reasons I like it here. But it’s a big reason. People understand that there are other people in their community. Yes, the kids were taking up space doing something that isn’t normal for that space, but they were doing a thing that hurt no one, and left space for people to safely move around them. So, everyone left them be, and stepped two strides to the left to let them have their space. No eye-rolls, no security, no shaking of canes toward the youth of today. It’s just swell here.


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