Welcome, welcome.

My family moved to the Philippines long enough ago that we can be thought of as “old timers” in the local expat community. As such, when other expat friends are trying to sort things out, they call us. When friends of friends (of friends of friends) find out they’ll be relocating here, they are put in touch with us. This is great thing, because I love it here and nothing makes me happier than to tell people about how much I love it here.

One caveat: this is an advice blog, and as such, I will not be answering questions about legalities or requirements. Usually the embassies or government agencies have someone on hand to walk you through various legal processes. I don’t want to be responsible for giving out bad advice that could get someone into legal problems. I’ll tell you what you can expect, generally. What you can find, generally. How to treat others and expect to be treated, generally. But questions about visas or what-have-you are best left to someone else.

Whether you’ve already moved here, are planning your move, or just think it might be a possibility, I say, “Mabuhay, kaibigan!” You are in for an experience, for sure. The best way to make it a positive experience is educate yourself and set realistic expectations. My hope is that this blog will be one resource you can turn to to do just that.

Feel free to send any questions to me at annietheexpat@gmail.com. I’ll do what I can to answer them on the blog in a timely manner.


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